Tuesday, August 23, 2011

abysmal frequency

What does it take to be a good blogger? I suppose doing so more than once every couple of months is a prerequisite. Sorry, folks. I'll try and do better.

Last week was a doozy, with a multiple changes of plans in terms of how and when we go to Mozambique to do our 737 acceptance, plus a drive to Joburg and back on a failed attempt to get Shell & the kids on a flight to the States. Yesterday the four of us drove down here to Johannesburg again, and God be praised the family got on the flight. They'll spend a week or so in Seattle before flying to Ohio for sister Sue's wedding, where I'll meet them and the rest of the extended family for resounding celebrations.

I am now sitting in a hotel lobby near the airport, waiting to hear the plan. . . looks at the moment like I'll meet our chief engineer here and then we'll fly to Maputo for a few days. I hope to be off to the States by Thursday evening.

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